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Prowoman softgel capsule 30
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Prowoman softgel capsule 30

( Tibb Herbal Products )
N$105.00 (including 15 % tax)

Ideally, daily nutritional needs should be met through healthy eating, but this is not always possible due to nutrient depletion caused by stress, lifestyle, certain medication, as well as loss of nutrients resulting from cooking. This is where nutritional supplements can play an important role in filling nutrient gaps. Prowoman is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement designed to deal with the demands that today’s hectic lifestyle places on women. Proman is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement containing all that a man needs to maintain optimum energy levels, while at work and play. INDICATIONS ProWoman is a Tibb Health Sciences’ product that contains a comprehensive range of vitamins and trace elements designed for women with an active and modern lifestyle. The monthly cycle Evening primrose oil and Starflower oil contain Omega-6 and GLA. Iron is a vital component of red blood cells and Pyridoxine helps to maintain a healthy nervous system. Health & Vitality Magnesium and B vitamins for the efficient release of energy from food. Immune System Antioxidants and minerals, including bioflavonoids, help maintain a healthy immune system and protect the body. Skin, hair & Nails Natural carotenoids, vitamin E and Zinc are present for cell repair and renewal, as well as to maintain a healthy complexion